Candice Luhua Chen

Casa Parasito Reinterpretation

Reinterpretation of House Casa Parasito by El Sindieato Arquitecture

Casa Parasito is built in the city of Quito, Ecuador with cheap, instant, and portable materials. The size, material, and appearance of the house are detached with its surrounding as if it is only a guest to the host city. Its white exterior and its location on top of an existing building on a hill make it looks like a ghost overlooking the city. I extracted 5 key words for this reinterpretation: Dust, Ghost, Detached, Contrast, Aloof. I hope to create a narrative with the setting of the Quito city at dust time. The city will be painted with dark orange tone, while the house will be white and translucent. While other buildings all have shadow casted, the parasite house won't, creating a sense of aloof and floated.