Candice Luhua Chen

Ambisonic Design & Live Performance: Humming

#Ambisonic Audio & Video designed throug Max Msp

This piece is an amalgamation of live performance, ambisonic audio, and motion-detective video, embodying my sense of powerlessness incited by recent global events of 2023. The incessant flow of news concerning wars, conflicts, and violence is symbolized by the perpetual buzzing of a fly. The spatial movement of sound, along with the glitches in both audio and video, are dynamically influenced by the live performance. The project is created through Reaper and Max MSP

Live Performance
Screen Recording

VR Design: Virtual Library

Open the link in VR headset to experience the scenes in virtual reality:

Coding Through Processing

#Processing language

Processing is a free graphical library and integrated development environment (IDE) built for new media art and visual design communities. It uses the Java language, with additional simplifications such as additional classes and aliased mathematical functions and operations.


Infinite Clock

An interactive, virtual 3D clock that aims to express the infinity of time. Forms of atoms (in the world of quantum mechanics, time became unmeasurable) and Mobius strip (no end or beginning) were studied and referred to.

Visual Perception

Interactive software showcasing the visual phenomenon of Moire Pattern. Through interactive patterns, users can effectively learn the concept. Physical translation of the digital software into 3D paper sculptures.
Physical Translation of the Program of Visual Perception

Visualization of Sound

1 second film coded through processing. It visualizes the aural experience of walking in the architecture of my adaptive reuse project of spiritual bathing center.

Sound Art: Duality & Hallucination

#Audio composed & edited using Final Cut

Inspired by the works of Sol Lewitt, instructions of the  project were given by another classmate as below:

As a result of performing his instructions, I created this audio piece to describe my hallucination and memories of my mother while being drunk. My five phrases are Fly attendant, Dream, Pregnancy, Plane ticket, Mrs.Chen. I tried to show the duality of my mother’s story of giving up her dream due to pregnancy and my struggle of pursuing my dream as an artist. The dark blue line represents my mom with a Chinese song from the 90s as BGM. The bright blue line represents me with an English song that I heard in the bar as BGM.

Good Night Sleep in Shibuya

Shibuya is a region in Japan, where bars, clubs, and drinkers are centered. Inspired by photos of the drunk sleepers in various weird postures and places, I designed this set of ergonomic chairs in Rhino so that the worn-out drinkers can have a “Good Night Sleep in Shibuya.”

I also explored different ways to define spaces using dots, lines, curved surfaces, and forms.


“Feeling a bit Waved”

“It’s just bubbly water”

The empty chairs are put into the setting of a metro that drunk sleepers often appear. This visualizes invisible traces left behind by the sleepers and the invisible social pressure of Asian drinking culture.