Candice Luhua Chen

Exploration of Cube

#Paper only

A cube was first created through a 2D photo collage. Then, it was translated into a 3D paper sculpture using only mechanical joints (no glue). Joinery techniques such as slotting, tapping, weaving, binding were used.

MVRDV Light Sculpture

#paper, wire, PVC plates

After researching about the architecture firm MVRDV, I was interested in the grid language and iconic colorfulness of their works. Many of their buildings remind me of Rubric’s cube, and there’s always a sense of playfulness & adventure in their design. Based on these two concepts, I created this light sculpture in the form of a Rubrics cube or toy bricks, using wire, paper, and PVC plates. I also made it turnable and interactive as if it is a toy to play with instead of an untouchable sculpture. Also how light and shadow change with the turning also gives the sense of adventure and dynamic there.

Click to view the light sculpture in motion︎

Cutting Cube:Reciprocal Figures

#Rhino & bristol paper
A Complete cube was divided into 4 different parts using rhino and then made into physical parts to be recomposed into new forms.


Idea 1: Can be reassembled to form a community with residential building, park, and stadium.

Idea 2: Hayabuse Structure - a lock that can be unlocked only through a certain sequence.

Idea 3: Universal joinery to allow for multiple ways of reasembling like a lego.