Candice Luhua Chen

How to Draw a Circle

# Performance Art

To me, a circle reminds me of limitations and restrictions, besieging and encircling. The 1-meter scale requirement of the project further reminds me of social distancing during the COVID time. Based on this concept, I first created a pre-set circumference of a circle. Then I used strings to connect cotton swabs to my joints (ankles, elbows, knees…) so the cotton swabs can just touch the ground when I am standing. I soaked the cotton with the ink. I spent 6 hours in the circle, walking, jumping, crawling, rolling to mimic the idea of living in isolation during the COVID. The Cotton leaves small and subtle traces each time I move, but as time goes, they become overwhelming, making the whole space into desperate, messy black. This reflects my feeling that my presence gradually fills up the small circle that I live in and becomes overwhelming, and my tiresome and loneliness of being grounded due to COVID.

︎Click to view the 6 hour life in a 1-meter circle