Candice Luhua Chen

Drifting Mind - Wetland Meditative Cabinet

Temporal Housing Design for Wetland and coastal landscape

Shenzhen has experienced rapid development in the past decade and became one of the most prosperous cities in China, housing many of world-famous high-tech companies. In this fast-paced city where efficiency is extremely prioritized, people are in desperate need to escape the bustling urban life and release stress. Aiming to create a shelter for the mind and bring people to nature, I designed this urban meditative cabinet for the wetland and coastal parks of Shenzhen, China.

The cabinet provides temporal housing for the busy white collars of technology companies in Shenzhen to relax and refresh. The wood material and shape of a cocoon aim to adapt to the surrounding environment and merge into the ecosystem of the wetland. The central element of this cabinet is a rotatable platform in the middle, which can be rotated to different modes (sleeping, meditation, or bird watching), maximizing the potentials of this small space.